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Making School Better in North Carolina with NCEdCloud


NCEdCloud is a special online platform that helps schools in North Carolina use modern tools and resources for teaching and managing schoolwork Login now. It’s a big part of the NC Race to the Top (RttT) programs. NCEdCloud’s main goal is to create a top-notch computer system that all schools in North Carolina can use. A very important part of NCEdCloud is the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service. This service gives every student, teacher, staff member, parent, or anyone in the school community a single username and password. It makes it easy for them to log in, get their account set up, and change their password if they need to.

What’s NCEdCloud All About?

NCEdCloud is like a giant computer in the cloud for schools in North Carolina. It has everything schools need to use computers and store information safely. It’s always available, works really well, and is super reliable. NCEdCloud is like a central station for schools, giving them lots of online tools and things to help with schoolwork and managing classes. It also makes sure that all the important information about students and teachers is kept safe and secure.

How Do You Log In, and What Will You See?

Here’s how you can get into NCEdCloud IAM Service:

  1. Go to the NCEdCloud login website at ncedcloud.socialcorner.co.uk.
  2. Type in your Username (State UID number) and click “Go.”
  3. Next, type in your password and click “Go” again to get into the NCEdCloud IAM Service.
  4. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a dashboard where you can get to different things depending on what you do at school. If you want to see how to log in and what it looks like, you can watch a video called “How do I log in and what will I see? – End Users: Use Cases.” Some videos show what students can do on NCEdCloud IAM Service so that you can understand it better.



Things Students Can Do in NCEdCloud

In NCEdCloud, students have cool things they can do with the IAM service:

  1. Logging In: Students can sign in to see their NCEdCloud dashboard. It is like their command centre for school stuff, where they can find and use lots of online tools and resources for their classes.
  2. Single Sign-On (SSO): With SSO, students can get into many different apps and websites using just one username and password. It makes it super easy to log in to everything they need for school.
  3. Managing Their Account: Students can take care of their accounts. They can change their passwords, update security questions, and even get back into their account if they forget their username or password.

NCEdCloud is a big help for schools, giving students lots of digital tools to make schoolwork easier, classes run smoother, and learning more fun. Plus, it keeps all the important student and teacher info safe and secure.

How to claim your account?

To start using your NCEdCloud IAM Service account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the NCEdCloud Claim Account website at idp.ncedcloud.org/idp/AuthnEngine#/embedded/claim-account.
  2. Pick the right Claim form for you (like if you’re a student or a parent).
  3. Fill in the info they ask for, like your Claim Code, email, and some personal details, to make sure it’s really you.
  4. Click the “I’m not a Robot” box and hit “Next.”
  5. Create a new password that meets all the rules, and type it in twice to make sure it’s right.
  6. Answer some security questions. These can help you get back into your account if you ever forget your password.
  7. Click “Next” to finish setting up your account.

Want to see how it’s done? Check out this video: Students: How do I claim my account? – End Users: Students

Service Management Plan

The Service Management Plan is like a guidebook for keeping NCEdCloud IAM Service working great. Here’s what it covers:

  • Getting Ready: This is about setting everything up and testing to make sure it works on a small scale before going big.
  • Making Things Better and Faster: The plan aims to make schoolwork and managing things faster and easier with new or improved apps.
  • Always Being There to Help: It talks about how the IAM Service and the school teams will keep supporting everyone using NCEdCloud.
  • Figuring Out the Money Part: The plan discusses how to fund the NCEdCloud IAM Service for five years, with a commitment for three years and the possibility to extend it twice, each time for one year.
  • Moving to NCEdCloud Smoothly: It ensures that everyone switches to the NCEdCloud IAM Service without any problems.
  • Following Rules and Best Practices: The plan includes rules and guidelines to make sure everything in NCEdCloud is done right and stays top-notch.

This Service Management Plan is super important because it helps make sure that NCEdCloud stays an awesome tool for schools, giving everyone equal access to computer and storage resources, always being there when needed, working perfectly, and supporting new ways of learning and teaching.

The Advantages of Using NCEdCloud in the Education Sector

NCEdCloud offers several important benefits for the education sector:

  1. Equal Access for Everyone: NCEdCloud makes sure that all students and teachers can use the same amount of computing and storage. It means everyone has a fair chance to use the technology they need for learning and teaching.
  2. Always Working and Fast: This platform is always available, works well, and is fast. It provides a dependable and growing server system for North Carolina’s K-12 education.
  3. Saves Money: NCEdCloud is cost-effective because it grows as needed based on how much it’s used by all of North Carolina’s K-12 schools. It helps keep operational costs stable and manageable.
  4. Helps in Making Smart Decisions: It supports making decisions based on data. It helps educators make better choices and develop and use online teaching resources.
  5. Keeps Data Safe: Keeping student and teacher information safe is very important for NCEdCloud.
  6. Uses Technical Resources Well: NCEdCloud helps the North Carolina education system use its technical resources wisely. Schools and districts can move from their servers to cloud-hosted services like learning management systems, data systems, and online teaching resources.

How NCEdCloud Has Enhanced Education in North Carolina

NCEdCloud has greatly improved North Carolina’s education system by offering top-notch IT support. Here are some ways it has changed education in the state:

  1. Equal Access for Everyone: Just like in its benefits, NCEdCloud ensures that all students and teachers have the technology they need.
  2. Always Working and Fast: It provides a reliable and scalable server infrastructure, ensuring that the platform is always available and performs well.
  3. Saves Money: The platform is cost-effective for educational institutions, as it adjusts to how much the entire NC K-12 system uses it.
  4. Helps in Making Smart Decisions: NCEdCloud supports data-based decision-making, aiding educators in choosing and using online educational resources effectively.
  5. Keeps Data Safe: The platform prioritizes the security of sensitive student and teacher data.
  6. Uses Technical Resources Well: It allows schools and districts to shift from their servers to cloud services for various educational purposes.

By using cloud technology, NCEdCloud has revolutionized how teachers and administrators work. It has made education more streamlined, effective, and accessible. As a central hub for educational institutions in North Carolina, it offers a range of digital tools and resources to simplify administrative tasks, improve classroom efficiency, and enrich student learning experiences. As technology advances, platforms like NCEdCloud will continue to play a crucial role in the future of education.

Best Practices for Incorporating NCEdCloud into Lesson Plans

To boost student learning through NCEdCloud, here are some effective strategies:

  1. Use the Lesson Planner: On the NCEdCloud Portal, the Lesson Planner tool lets you create and share lesson plans with other teachers at your school. It fosters teamwork and helps in crafting effective lesson plans.
  2. Use the Classroom Management System: This tool assists in managing your classroom. It helps create assignments, grade student work, and monitor student progress. It’s useful for keeping track of how your students are doing.
  3. Access Digital Resources: NCEdCloud offers a range of resources, like instructional materials and tips for troubleshooting. These can be very helpful in your classroom.
  4. Collaborate with Colleagues: NCEdCloud allows you to share data and files with other teachers, encouraging collaboration and better lesson planning.
  5. Efficient Lesson Plan Management: With NCEdCloud, you can manage lesson plans, grades, and student progress more efficiently, giving you more time for teaching and focusing on student learning.
  6. Online Learning Materials for Students: The platform provides students with online materials, allowing them to submit assignments digitally and access resources from anywhere.
  7. Track Student Progress: NCEdCloud enables you to monitor your student’s learning and progress, helping you offer tailored support and guidance when needed.

Incorporating these practices into your lesson plans can help you make the most of NCEdCloud, enhancing student learning and creating a more streamlined, effective, and accessible educational experience.

Conclusion: The Impact of NCEdCloud on Education in North Carolina

NCEdCloud has been a game-changer in North Carolina’s education sector, offering top-tier IT infrastructure as a core part of the NC education system. It ensures equal access to computing and storage, high reliability and performance. It supports a unified infrastructure for evolving instructional and data systems. Key features and functions of NCEdCloud include

  1. Single Sign-On (SSO): NCEdCloud provides a Single Sign-On system, allowing students, teachers, and staff to access multiple applications with one set of credentials, simplifying the login process.
  2. Secure Data Management: The security of sensitive student and teacher data is a priority, ensuring safe and responsible handling of information.
  3. Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service: This service is essential in NCEdCloud, giving each student, teacher, staff member, parent or guardian, and school community member a unique username and password.

By leveraging cloud technology, NCEdCloud has redefined the educational landscape, making processes more efficient and effective. It acts as a central hub for educational institutions in North Carolina, offering a wide range of digital tools and resources. These tools help streamline administrative tasks, improve classroom efficiency, and ultimately elevate the learning experience for students. As technology evolves, platforms like NCEdCloud will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the future of education, adapting to new challenges and opportunities in the educational landscape.


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